Softbaits / Shads / Kopyto Classic / 4" (11 cm) / Laminated colors - Tail laminanted

Extra-fat body (“fat baitfish”), three slices in tail-shaft and a big, fat boot-tail make this bait number one for still- and slow current water. This bait starts working powerfully by the lightest pull. Since introduction in 2005 this model became one of our best-sellers!! Don´t miss it in seafishing as well!

Target-fish/freshwater: zander, pike, catfish, all kinds of seafish

In this category you find laminated softbaits, where belly- and back colors are laminated together (details see category laminated colors), and additionally a laminated tail which comes in a 3rd color, laminated onto the body.

Methods: Fließwasser Zander, Vertikal, Drop Shot, Stillwasser Zander, Meeresfischen, Meeresfischen, Meeresfischen, Meeresfischen