Softbaits / Shads / Bass Shad / 4,5" (ca. 13 cm) / Laminated colors

The bass shad-series represent another highlight in our innovative Range. His slim body makes this model an easy prey for most predators, especially perch, trout and Zander. Self evident the tail area of this model ensures a belly left/right action, that all predators like so much! Additionally this model has been staffed out with slots in the back and belly to ensure easy application of Widegap and Offset hooks.

Target-fish/freshwater: Zander, Perch, Trout/Salmon, small- and medium-sized seafish like cod

Here are two colors molded into each other. In some added Glitter or Flakes. Please mind, that due to the Injection-procedure in manufacturing no bait looks exactly like the other one. The used pearl-shades (goldpearl, white-pearl, blue-pearl, pearl) are all as already described in the text of the „regular-color-table“!