Softbaits / Shads / Kopyto River / 6" (16 cm) / Nature

The bait-fish-like shape of body and the three slices in the tail-shaft make this model irresistible to pikes, catfish but also Zander. As it is an extremely powerful bait, the action comes not from the tail only but from the whole body, which starts moving belly left/right with the lightest pull. Kopyto River 6” has a very fat, broad back which prevents this bait from dipping over, even if you fish it with lightest weights! All kinds of seafish like it as well!

Target-fish:Target-fish: pike, catfish, Zander, big trouts; all kinds of Salmon, all kinds of seafish

Methods: Fließwasser Hecht/Waller, Stillwasser Hecht/Waller, Huchenfischen, Schleppfischen