Shads / Texas 4" / Regular colors

Take the Texas for all kinds of finesse techniques, put it on a Jighead or on a Drop Shot rig. Whatever technique you prefer, the Texas is always a great choice. The deep incisions in the body make it fall slow to the ground, the soft, slim and worm-kind body make it easy for all kinds of targetfish to inhale this bait and fold it!

The small paddle at the end of the bait redeem to each twitch! Give it a try in seafishing as well!

Target-fish: perch, zander, catfish, seafish

The different pearl-shadings consist of 4 basic pearls: namely „regular-color-table“! pearl (#13 with a light pink shine), pearl-white (#07, looking silver-shining); blue-pearl (#19 with a light bluish shimmer) as well as goldpearl (#25 with a light golden touch in the pearl). These 4 basic pearls are combined with flakes and the different back colourings, which leads in the end to a vary broad variety of colours. Please take into account that each of the 4 pearls imitates the scales-colouring of particular baitfish; in example goldpearl copies the colour of rudds or blue-pearl the scales of bleaks as well as pearl white comes pretty close to the basic colour of the roach.